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20 July 2021 - 22 July 2021
Partnerships for Horizon Europe: mobility, climate and energy projects

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Partnerships for Horizon Europe: mobility, climate and energy projects

Presentation of ideas and competences for project proposals, inspiring sessions and panels, and targeted 1:1 meetings for creating consortia.

Are you interested in Horizon Europe Cluster 5: CLIMATE, ENERGY, MOBILITY calls? are you building a consortium to present a proposal? are you searching for partners?

Join this online event to have the opportunity to meet companies, research centres, universities and other entities interested in presenting proposals to the Horizon Europe 2021 calls linked to mobility and energy. You will get the opportunity to expand your international network and create partnerships and consortiums.

The event consists in 3 days with the following agenda:

Day 1: Plenary session, presentation of key elements of the H-EU calls, cluster members presentations of project ideas and company competences.

Day 2: Panel of municipalities + Brokerage event (1:1 meetings)

Day 3: Brokerage event (1:1 meetings) + conclusions and closing session

The event is free of charge but registration and profile activation is mandatory.

Main topics covered by the event

  • Smart mobility and logistics
  • Safe and resilient transport
  • Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy
  • Circular economy
  • Climate and environment
  • Solutions for urban districts
  • Smart cities and communities
  • ICT and digitalisation

For whom

Companies, research centres, universities, clusters and other entities from all European Member States or HE associated countries interested in presenting proposals to the Horizon Europe 2021 calls linked to mobility, energy and climate.

Candidates for presenting project ideas and competences on Day 1 speeches must be cluster members of one of the 4 organising clusters: SmartCommunitiesTech, NextMove, MLC and Clustero. Refer to the cluster websites for more information.

Goals and benefits for participants

  • Create contacts and partnerships aimed at presenting proposals in the smart mobility topics
  • Receive information about Horizon-Europe pillar 2 cluster 5 -CLIMATE, ENERGY, MOBILITY
  • Publish and showcase your project ideas, competences and expertise to all participants

2021 calls updates

2021 calls under Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility are not open yet. The Work Programme 2021-2022, including the 2021 topics and other relevant information can be found HERE

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